Paul D. Stigall

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With the introduction of dynamic microprogrammer computers, it becomes practical to reconfigure the architecture of a computer to more efficiently represent programs. A number of methods have been proposed and investigated for reducing the redundancy of computer op codes, address and data items. The greatest gains have come from frequency based encoding.(More)
Using the Architecture Design and Assessment System (ADAS), the processor level architecture of an example computer system is first represented as a directed graph. Then, a method of simulating instruction execution as a sequence of data trans$ers between the nodes of the graph is presented. The simulation methodology provides flexibility in observing the(More)
This paper discusses an algorithm for optimizing the density and parallelism of microcoded routines in microprogrammable machines. Besides the algorithm itself, the algorithm's uses, adaptability to conventional machine characteristics, and architectural requirements are also discussed and analyzed. Even though the paper proposes a hardware implementation(More)
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