Paul D. Stachour

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In a multilevel secure database management system (MLS/ DBMS) users cleared at different security levels access and share a database consisting of data at a variety of sensitivity levels. The system should ensure that the users only acquire the information to which they are authorized. This is difficult as users could pose multiple queries and deduce(More)
Use of reusable software is key to significant gains in programmer productivity. However, in order to effectively develop it, measurable characteristics of reusability supported by guidelines for implementing them in source code are necessary. This paper describes an ongoing research project at the Honeywell Computer Sciences Center (CSC) to define these(More)
T h e primary focus of the Ado Semantic Interface Specification (ASIS) W o r k i n g Group and A S I S Rapporteur Group has been to evolve ASIS as an interface to the Ado 95 compilation environment. ASIS n o w provides a powerful m e c h a n i s m to p e r f o r m code analysis for mission-critical and safety-critical applications. A variety o f highly(More)
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