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The forces and torques that occur during walking gait, particularly during toe-off, promote articulation in the posteromedial quadrant of tibial inserts. Retrieved components of failed knee arthroplasties show ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene damage patterns in this region. Component-designed constraint, compromised polymer, and surgical factors(More)
The growth of spinal implant and orthobiologic technologies over the last several years is increasing in tempo (Figure 1) and fast approaching the US hip and knee markets in annual dollar sales. During this time, a number of start-up and established medical device manufacturers have focused increasing resources on solutions for spinal problems. The role of(More)
A series of biomechanical analyses were performed to explain the recent reduction in treatment-related complications of external fixation of distal radius fractures using a limited open approach for pin placement and larger 4-mm self-tapping half pins. A comparison of pull-out strength, stress concentration effect, and inherent bending strength of 3- and(More)
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