Paul D. Mier

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Elastase inhibiting activity (EIA) was demonstrated in the epidermis from lesions and in psoriatic scale, whereas normal epidermis did not contain significant EIA. Two new elastase inhibitors were partially purified and characterized using psoriatic scale as a source. The two species (approximate molecular weights 10 and 20 kDa) were shown to be stable, and(More)
We report an investigation of peripheral blood monocytes from untreated patients with mild, quiescent psoriasis. Possible metabolic changes were monitored by the determination of 3 enzymes representing different pathways of glucose metabolism and 2 lysosomal enzymes. Signal processing was evaluated by the measurement of cyclic AMP levels before and after(More)
1 A modified technique for the measurement of O-dealkylase (ODA) activity in crude homogenates is reported, and its application to skin is described. 2 Large differences in ODA levels were found between different species, no activity being observed in the skin of primates. 3 Induction of cutaneous ODA in mice was achieved by the subcutaneous injection of(More)
Epidermal hyperproliferation (psoriasis, wound repair) is the result of quiescent (G0) keratinocytes being recruited into the cell cycle. A detailed characterization of the cell cycle kinetic parameters of the mouse keratinocyte line (Balb/MK) has been carried out with the aid of bivariate iododeoxyuridine (IdUrd) and DNA analysis using flow cytometry, in(More)
We report an investigation of peripheral blood polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMN) from untreated patients with mild, quiescent psoriasis. Four aspects of the 'metabolic burst' were measured to illustrate phagocytosis-related events. These were: myeloperoxidase activity, hydrogen peroxide release, superoxide production and luminol-amplified(More)