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BACKGROUND Cellular cardiomyoplasty has been proposed as an alternative strategy for augmenting the function of diseased myocardium. We investigated the potential of human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) from adult bone marrow to undergo myogenic differentiation once transplanted into the adult murine myocardium. METHODS AND RESULTS A small bone marrow(More)
PURPOSE The linear vestibulo-ocular reflex (LVOR) is mediated primarily by the otolith organs in the inner ear. Skew deviation is a vertical strabismus believed to be caused by imbalance of otolithic projections to ocular motor neurons (disynaptically through the medial longitudinal fasciculus in the brain stem or polysynaptically through the cerebellum).(More)
NicVAX, a nicotine vaccine (3'AmNic-rEPA), has been clinically evaluated to determine whether higher antibody (Ab) concentrations are associated with higher smoking abstinence rates and whether dosages and frequency of administration are associated with increased Ab response. This randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled multicenter clinical trial (N(More)
Smoking is a global healthcare problem. Current smoking cessation rates using behavioral counseling and pharmacotherapeutic interventions have had modest success, with ∼1:5 smokers remaining abstinent long-term. Nicotine vaccines are a new class of immunotherapeutics under development. It is believed that anti-nicotine antibodies arising from vaccination(More)
Knowledge of the precise location of anatomical landmarks such as the anterior (AEC) and posterior ethmoid (PEC) canals facilitates medial orbital wall surgery and is of major importance for the protection of the orbital nerve. The aim of this study was to identify these anatomical structures in 100 consecutive CT scans and measure the distance between(More)
BACKGROUND A potential new treatment in smoking cessation and relapse prevention is nicotine vaccination which is based on active immunization against the nicotine molecule. This immunization will elicit the immune system to produce nicotine-specific antibodies that sequester nicotine in the blood stream, after inhaling tobacco products. The resulting(More)
UNLABELLED In addition to single-lung ventilation (SLV), intrathoracic CO2 insufflation is mandatory for adequate exposure during totally endoscopic coronary artery bypass grafting. With transesophageal echocardiography, we investigated biventricular myocardial wall motion in 25 patients with isolated disease of the left anterior descending coronary artery(More)
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