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Carbon exchange between the terrestrial biosphere and the atmosphere is one of the key processes that need to be assessed in the context of the Kyoto Protocol. Several studies suggest that the terrestrial biosphere is gaining carbon, but these estimates are obtained primarily by indirect methods, and the factors that control terrestrial carbon exchange, its(More)
Increases in delay due to coupling can have a dramatic impact on IC performance for deep submicron technologies. To achieve maximum performance there is a need for analyzing logic stages with large complex coupled interconnects. In timing analysis, the worst-case delay of gates along a critical path must include the effect of noise due to switching of(More)
We present an approach to measure the angular dependence of the diffusely scattered intensity of a multiple scattering sample in backscattering geometry. Increasing scattering strength give rise to an increased width of the coherent backscattering and sets higher demands on the angular detection range. This is of particular interest in the search for the(More)
A discussion of a rational technique of evaluation, diagnosis, and surgical therapy of temporomandibular joint disorders is presented. A retrospective analysis of operations for temporomandibular joint that occurred in a 30-month period is presented in light of this approach.
Orthognathic surgical procedures have been used in the past for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. The treatment becomes more complicated when the patient has edentulous upper and lower arches. A treatment plan that provided a good surgical result and resolution of all symptoms was devised for such a patient.
The pseudo-ternary solid solution CeNi(9)Ge(4-x)Si(x) (0 ≤ x ≤ 4) has been investigated by means of x-ray diffraction, magnetic susceptibility, specific heat, electrical resistivity, thermopower and inelastic neutron scattering studies. The isoelectronic substitution of germanium by silicon atoms causes a dramatic change of the relative strength of(More)