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Today's call center managers face multiple operational decision-making tasks. One of the most common is determining the weekly staffing levels to ensure customer satisfaction and meeting their needs while minimizing service costs. An initial step for producing the weekly schedule is forecasting the future system loads which involves predicting both arrival(More)
By investigating a Markov chain whose limiting distribution corresponds to that of the Dirichlet process we are able directly to ascertain conditions for the existence of linear functionals of that process. Together with earlier analyses we are able to characterize those functionals which are a.s. finite in terms of the parameter measure of the process. We(More)
A call center is a service operation that caters to customer needs via the telephone. Call centers typically consist of agents that serve customers, telephone lines, an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) unit, and a switch that routes calls to agents. In this paper we study a Markovian model for a call center with an IVR. We calculate operational performance(More)
This paper continues the study of time series models generated by non-negative innovations which was begun in Feigin and Resnick (1992,1994). We concentrate on moving average processes. Estimators for moving average coeecients are proposed and consistency and asymptotic distributions established for the case of an order one moving average assuming either(More)
Bacterial and viral infections are often clinically indistinguishable, leading to inappropriate patient management and antibiotic misuse. Bacterial-induced host proteins such as procalcitonin, C-reactive protein (CRP), and Interleukin-6, are routinely used to support diagnosis of infection. However, their performance is negatively affected by inter-patient(More)
To investigate in real time if and how natural gravity affects rates of swim-up and swim-down of human spermatozoa, samples of motile or immobilized spermatozoa in a sealed mini-chamber were placed vertically on a 90 degrees tilted microscope. The mode of their sedimentation, as well as the difference in the rate of their swimming up and down, were observed(More)
This paper compares two alternative models for autocorrelated count time series. The first model can be viewed as a 'single source of error' discrete state space model, in which a time-varying parameter is specified as a function of lagged counts, with no additional source of error introduced. The second model is the more conventional 'dual source of error'(More)
It is not always clear how leading theories of human behavior can be used to derive quantitative predictions. Often they are stated with enough qualifications about the applicable domain so that authors might be well advised to supply a 1-800 number for perplexed readers to call when they want to know how a particular theory applies to a novel problem. To(More)
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