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Minimal morbidity occurs with resection of most carotid body tumors (CBT). With larger tumors significant injury to the cranial nerves has been reported. In order to assess the operative sequelae rate, 30 patients with CBT were reviewed. Sixteen patients either presented with bilateral carotid body tumors or had previously undergone a resection of the(More)
and the anonymous reviewers for their helpful comments and suggestions. ABSTRACT Significant controversy exists surrounding the hypothesis of consolidation in the real estate industry. Central to the debate is whether REITs can generate economies of scale through asset growth. To date, empirical evidence is limited. For example, Ambrose, Ehrlich, Hughes,(More)
Type I thyroplasty for unilateral vocal fold paralysis restores voice. The purpose of this study was to evaluate measures of voice before thyroplasty, and at 3 months and 1 year after surgery. Of interest was whether vocal improvement in the first weeks after surgery was maintained or even enhanced over time. A total of 40 patients with unilateral paralysis(More)
Formation of a Teflon granuloma may lead to progressive dysphonia and airway compromise. Excision of the granuloma by lateral laryngotomy allows preservation of the uninvolved lamina propria. A sternothyroid muscle flap or Silastic implant to medialize the vocal fold restores a straight glottal edge and optimizes voice production. Fifteen patients underwent(More)
We examine interactions between financing and investment decisions in a setting where equityholders make self-interested investment decisions. The firm has the flexibility to exercise and reverse the exercise of a growth option whose underlying asset may be correlated with assets-in-place. The firm's menu of financing decisions includes the choice of debt(More)
This paper explores the implications of noise in real estate markets by examining two applications that focus on real option valuation and optimal exercise policy. The first application examines an imperfectly competitive market for real estate development in which agents compete over the timing of lead investment. Information spillover and free-rider(More)
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The hypothesis that peptic ulcer is a manifestation of a generalized metabolic disorder caused by excess dietary fat intake is supported by the results in a series of 134 patients with proven gastric or duodenal ulcer treated with a simple 'fat-free' diet, together with pyloroplasty in 82 cases and simple suture of a perforated ulcer in 16. Relief of(More)