Paul D Baker

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OBJECTIVES To compare condom and indwelling urinary catheters in terms of infection risk and patient satisfaction. DESIGN A prospective, randomized, unblinded, controlled trial. SETTING An academically affiliated Veterans Affairs Medical Center. PARTICIPANTS Hospitalized men aged 40 and older who required a urinary collection device. MEASUREMENTS(More)
BACKGROUND Spontaneous bullae are a characteristic type of skin lesion occurring in patients with diabetes mellitus. These diabetic bullae are considered to be a rare phenomenon; only about 100 cases have been described in the literature since the disorder was first reported 70 years ago. METHODS We collected a series of patients with diabetic bullae who(More)
BACKGROUND Risk factors for bacteremia in patients with hospital-acquired bacteriuria are largely unknown. Given the morbidity and costs associated with nosocomial bacteremia, determining risk factors could enhance the safety of hospitalized patients. METHODS We conducted a case-control study within the Veterans Affairs Puget Sound Health Care System. A(More)
This prospective, randomized, multicenter trial compared the efficacy of two antibiotic regimens for treatment of foot infections in diabetic adults. Patients with infections requiring hospitalization were randomized to receive either intravenous ofloxacin followed by oral ofloxacin or intravenous ampicillin/sulbactam followed by oral(More)
OBJECTIVES Urinary catheters are used frequently, but the relative risks and benefits of different types of devices are not clear. We sought to determine the beliefs of both older male patients and nursing staff about the relative merits and problems of condom and indwelling catheters. DESIGN Patient and nurse survey using convenience sampling. SETTING(More)
The effect of a journal's prestige on readers' impressions of an article is unknown. Two hypotheses were tested: first, that attribution of a study to a "high" prestige journal would be associated with improved impressions and attribution to a "low" prestige journal would be associated with diminished impressions; and second, that formal training in(More)
We assessed the reading habits of internists with and without epidemiological training because such information may help guide medical journals as they make changes in how articles are edited and formatted. In a 1998 national self-administered mailed survey of 143 internists with fellowship training in epidemiology and study design and a random sample of(More)
Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting is a major debilitating side effect of oncology treatment despite recent advances in pharmaceutical management. Nurses who provide care to patients experiencing nausea and vomiting are often only marginally aware of the pathophysiological processes involved in the treatment. A better understanding of the science(More)
Several instruments have been developed over the years to assess nausea and vomiting in adults, yet their validity and reliability with children are unknown. It would be useful to have an instrument simple enough for use with the vast majority of children (regardless of age and developmental level) to provide a consistent way to measure nausea and vomiting(More)
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