Paul D Anderson

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Integrity of chloroplast membranes is essential to photosynthesis. Loss of thylakoid membrane integrity has been proposed as a consequence of ozone (O(3)) exposure and therefore may be a mechanistic basis for decreased photosynthetic rates commonly associated with ozone exposure. To investigate this hypothesis, Pinus ponderosa seedlings were exposed to(More)
High-density oligonucleotide arrays have been constructed on clear, aminated polypropylene film using conventional phosphoramidite-based synthesis chemistries. A semiautomated 64-channel fluidic chemical delivery system is used to prepare the 64 x 64 array containing 4096 oligonucleotide elements. The completed array has been successfully used in the(More)
Terraclor (PCNB) applied to soils by broadcast and row slightly reduced the incidence ofRhizoctonia solani but did not increase yield or per cent of U. S. No. 1 tubers either by weight or numbers. Residues of PCNB in tubers grown in treated soils increased as the rate per acre of PCNB increased. Almost all of the residues were in the tuber peel. Terraclor(More)
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