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An algorithm has been developed to automatically construct individual models of normal activity within a home using motion sensor data. Alerts can be generated when a period of inactivity exceeds a normal length for a particular residence. Alerting frequency has been optimized on a total of 650 days of real data from four homes of seniors who live(More)
—Falling is a common health problem for elderly. It is reported that more than one third of adults 65 and older fall each year in the United States. To address the problem, we are currently developing a Doppler radar-based fall detection system. Doppler radar sensors provide an inexpensive way to recognize human activity. In this paper, we employed(More)
Falls are a major cause of injury in the elderly with almost 1/3 rd of people aged 65 and more falling each year [1]. This work aims to use gait measurements from everyday living environments to estimate risk of falling and enable improved interventions. For this purpose, we consider the use of low-cost pulse-Doppler range control radar. These radars can(More)
In this paper, we propose a pulse-Doppler radar system for in-home gait assessment of older adults. A methodology has been developed to extract gait parameters including walking speed and step time using Doppler radar. The gait parameters have been validated with a Vicon motion capture system in the lab with 13 participants and 158 test runs. The study(More)
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