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PURPOSE To perform a quantitative MRI and retrospective electrophysiological study to investigate whether persistent post-surgical seizures may be due to brain structural and functional abnormalities in temporal lobe cortex beyond the margins of resection and/or bilateral abnormalities in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE). METHODS In 22 patients(More)
Context. Theory predicts that low-mass protoplanets in a protostellar disc migrate into the central star on a time scale that is short compared with the disc lifetime or the giant planet formation time scale. Protoplanet eccentricities of e > ∼ H/r can slow or reverse migration, but previous 2D studies of multiple protoplanets embedded in a protoplanetary(More)
Context. Young planets embedded in their protoplanetary disk interact gravitationally with it leading to energy and angular momentum exchange. This interaction determines the evolution of the planet through changes to the orbital parameters. Aims. We investigate changes in the orbital elements of a 20 Earth–mass planet due to the torques from the disk. We(More)
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