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Although the dog is frequently used in pharmacological, pharmacokinetic, and drug safety studies, little is known about canine drug transporters. Dog organic anion-transporting polypeptide (Oatp1b4) has recently been cloned (Comp Biochem Physiol C Toxicol Pharmacol 151:393-399, 2010), but the contribution of Oatp1b4 to hepatic uptake has yet to be(More)
County Roscommon in the west of Ireland is a relatively remote rural area whose population of 55,000 is served by two community medical ophthalmologists and three optometrists. Eye surgical services are not available within the county. In order to assess the needs of the community for prevention of blindness from glaucoma, a simple random sample of the(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of visual disability and common eye disease among elderly people in inner London. DESIGN Cross sectional random sample survey. SETTING Inner London health centre. SUBJECTS Random sample of people aged 65 and over taken from practice's computerised age-sex register. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Presenting binocular(More)
We describe an approach to developing next generation health information portals. This prototype portal was developed to address two complementary goals (1) design and create a site where people can explore potential relationships between selected health-related behaviors, policies, and demographic data (2) explore semantic web technologies and linked data(More)
This study reports the results of a trial of essential fatty acid (EFA) supplementation in psychiatric patients (predominantly schizophrenics) with movement disorders. Evidence of EFA deficiency in these patients was observed. The antidyskinetic effect of EFA supplementation was marginally significant but not clinically important. However, active treatment(More)
Novel sulfonamide matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors of general formula (9) were synthesised by a route involving a stereoselective conjugate addition reaction. Enzyme selectivity was found to be dependant on the nature of the sulfonamide substituents. Compounds (9f, 9q) are potent selective collagenase inhibitors with good oral bioavailability.
Scientists are taking advantage of the Internet and collaborative web technology to accelerate discovery in a massively connected, participative environment--a phenomenon referred to by some as Science 2.0. As a new way of doing science, this phenomenon has the potential to push science forward in a more efficient manner than was previously possible. The(More)
Population science and disease control researchers can benefit from a more proactive approach to applying bioinformatics tools for clinical and public health research. Bioinformatics utilizes principles of information sciences and technologies to transform vast, diverse, and complex life sciences data into a more coherent format for wider application.(More)
PerMIS'07 will be the seventh in the series that started in 2000, targeted at defining measures and methodologies of evaluating performance of intelligent systems. The workshop has proved to be an excellent forum for discussions and partnerships , dissemination of ideas, and future collaborations in an informal setting. FOREWORD The 2008 Performance Metrics(More)
—Increasingly, experts and interested laypeople are turning to the explosion of online data to form and explore hypotheses about relationships between public health intervention strategies and their possible impacts. We have engaged in a multi-year collaboration to use and design semantic techniques and tools to support the current and next generation of(More)