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We describe an approach to developing next generation health information portals. This prototype portal was developed to address two complementary goals (1) design and create a site where people can explore potential relationships between selected health-related behaviors, policies, and demographic data (2) explore semantic web technologies and linked data(More)
OBJECTIVE To [1] compare the frequency and severity of ultrasound (US) features in people with normal knees (controls), knee pain (KP), asymptomatic radiographic OA (ROA), and symptomatic OA (SROA), [2] examine relationships between US features, pain and radiographic severity, [3] explore the relationship between change in pain and US features over a(More)
—Increasingly, experts and interested laypeople are turning to the explosion of online data to form and explore hypotheses about relationships between public health intervention strategies and their possible impacts. We have engaged in a multi-year collaboration to use and design semantic techniques and tools to support the current and next generation of(More)
This study reports the results of a trial of essential fatty acid (EFA) supplementation in psychiatric patients (predominantly schizophrenics) with movement disorders. Evidence of EFA deficiency in these patients was observed. The antidyskinetic effect of EFA supplementation was marginally significant but not clinically important. However, active treatment(More)
OBJECTIVE In an effort to standardize behavioral measures and their data representation, the present study develops a methodology for incorporating measures found in the National Cancer Institute's (NCI) grid-enabled measures (GEM) portal, a repository for behavioral and social measures, into the cancer data standards registry and repository (caDSR). (More)
In situ edaphic factors affecting seed germination and seedling emergence of three framework species of Acacia were investigated with the intent of developing fundamental and scalable restoration capacity for Arabian dryland restoration. Direct seeding represents the most efficient means to restore vegetation at the landscape scale and this study provides(More)
This paper uses spatial economic data from four small English towns to measure the strength of economic integration between town and hinterland and to estimate the magnitude of town–hinterland spill-over effects. Following estimation of local integration indicators and inter-locale flows, sub-regional social accounting matrices (SAMs) are developed to(More)
Note: For copyright reasons the figures are currently omitted from the web version of this paper. It is hoped to include them in future versions. 1.0 BACKGROUND 1.1 Definition of period The period as defined from political changes runs from c.450 to 1066. The earlier 5th century should ideally be dealt with together with the Roman period but is considered(More)
Blood samples were taken from schizophrenics and control patients in three different centers. The phospholipids were extracted from plasma and their fatty acid composition analyzed. Similar and consistent differences between schizophrenics and controls were observed at all three centers. The n-6 essential fatty acid levels were significantly reduced,(More)
We demonstrate here a novel use of statistical tools to study intra- and inter-site assay variability of five early drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics in vitro assays over time. Firstly, a tool for process control is presented. It shows the overall assay variability but allows also the following of changes due to assay adjustments and can additionally(More)