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interconnection network N. R. Adiga M. A. Blumrich D. Chen P. Coteus A. Gara M. E. Giampapa P. Heidelberger S. Singh B. D. Steinmacher-Burow T. Takken M. Tsao P. Vranas The main interconnect of the massively parallel Blue Genet/L is a three-dimensional torus network with dynamic virtual cut-through routing. This paper describes both the architecture and the(More)
Blue Gene/L system architecture A. Gara M. A. Blumrich D. Chen G. L.-T. Chiu P. Coteus M. E. Giampapa R. A. Haring P. Heidelberger D. Hoenicke G. V. Kopcsay T. A. Liebsch M. Ohmacht B. D. Steinmacher-Burow T. Takken P. Vranas The Blue Genet/L computer is a massively parallel supercomputer based on IBM system-on-a-chip technology. It is designed to scale to(More)
| After decades of continuous scaling, further advancement of silicon microelectronics across the entire spectrum of computing applications is today limited by power dissipation. While the trade-off between power and performance is well-recognized, most recent studies focus on the extreme ends of this balance. By concentrating instead on an intermediate(More)
Blue Gene/L supercomputer P. Coteus H. R. Bickford T. M. Cipolla P. G. Crumley A. Gara S. A. Hall G. V. Kopcsay A. P. Lanzetta L. S. Mok R. Rand R. Swetz T. Takken P. La Rocca C. Marroquin P. R. Germann M. J. Jeanson As 1999 ended, IBM announced its intention to construct a onepetaflop supercomputer. The construction of this system was based on a cellular(More)
Short, medium, and long on-chip interconnections having linewidths of 0.45–52 m are analyzed in a five-metallayer structure. We study capacitive coupling for short lines, inductive coupling for medium-length lines, inductance and resistance of the current return path in the power buses, and line resistive losses for the global wiring. Design guidelines and(More)
BlueGene/L (BG/L) is a 64K (65,536) node scientific and engineering supercomputer that IBM is developing with partial funding from the United States Department of Energy. This paper describes one of the primary BG/L interconnection networks, a three dimensional torus. We describe a parallel performance simulator that was used extensively to help architect(More)
We present here a report produced by a workshop on ‘Addressing failures in exascale computing’ held in Park City, Utah, 4–11 August 2012. The charter of this workshop was to establish a common taxonomy about resilience across all the levels in a computing system, discuss existing knowledge on resilience across the various hardware and software layers of an(More)
by the IBM Blue Gene team: F. Allen, G. Almasi, W. Andreoni, D. Beece, B. J. Berne, A. Bright, J. Brunheroto, C. Cascaval, J. Castanos, P. Coteus, P. Crumley, A. Curioni, M. Denneau, W. Donath, M. Eleftheriou, B. Fitch, B. Fleischer, C. J. Georgiou, R. Germain, M. Giampapa, D. Gresh, M. Gupta, R. Haring, H. Ho, P. Hochschild, S. Hummel, T. Jonas, D. Lieber,(More)