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Description: Praise for the Third Edition : This new third edition has been substantially rewritten and updated with new topics and material, new examples and exercises, and to more fully illustrate modern applications of RSM. Zentralblatt Math Featuring a substantial revision, the Fourth Edition of Response Surface Methodology: Process and Product(More)
When mining temporal sequences, knowledge discovery techniques can be applied that discover interesting patterns of interactions. Existing approaches use frequency, and sometimes length, as measurements for interestingness. Because these are temporal sequences, additional characteristics, such as periodicity, may also be interesting. We propose that(More)
A maximum-likelihood (ML) strategy for strain estimation is presented as a framework for designing and evaluating bioelasticity imaging systems. Concepts from continuum mechanics, signal analysis, and acoustic scattering are combined to develop a mathematical model of the ultrasonic waveforms used to form strain images. The model includes three-dimensional(More)
Originally published in February 2004. This guideline is more than 5 years old and has not yet been updated to ensure that it reflects current knowledge and practice. In accordance with national standards, including those of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's National Guideline Clearinghouse (http://www.guideline.gov/), this guideline can no(More)
American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists Medical Guidelines for Clinical Practice are systematically developed statements to assist health-care professionals in medical decision making for specific clinical conditions. Most of the content herein is based on literature reviews. In areas of uncertainty, professional judgment was applied. These(More)
  • Jon Hargreaves, Phyllis Fletcher-Cook, Isobel, Keith Hickling, Arthurs, David G +5 others
  • 2015
Users may access full items free of charge; copies of full text items generally can be reproduced, displayed or performed and given to third parties in any format or medium for personal research or study, educational or not-for-profit purposes without prior permission or charge, provided: • The authors, title and full bibliographic details is credited in(More)
Optimized Acid/Base Extraction and Structural Characterization of β-glucan from Saccharomyces Cerevisiae by Shardrack O. Asare β-glucan is a major component of the fungal cell wall consisting of (1→3)-β linked glucose polymers with (1→6)-β linked side chains. The published classical isolation procedure of β-glucan from Saccharomyces cerevisiae is expensive(More)
  • Hong Tae, Perry Park, Cook
  • 2005
This paper outlines a RBF/EBF neural network approach for automatic musical instrument classification using salient feature extraction techniques with a combination of supervised and unsupervised learning schemes. 829 monophonic sound examples (86% Siedlaczek Library [2], 14% other sources) from the string, brass, and woodwind families with a variety of(More)