Paul Comerford

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The sources of innervation of neuromuscular spindles in sternomastoid and trapezius have been investigated in rats and mice, by degeneration experiments. The entire motor supply, both extrafusal and intrafusal, to both muscles, was from the spinal accessory nerve. The sensory supply to the spindles in sternomastoid and rostral trapezius was from cervical(More)
The infrastructure of large networks is broken down into areas that have a common security policy called a domain. Security within a domain is commonly implemented at all nodes. However this can have a negative effect on performance since it introduces a delay associated with packet filtering. When Access Control Lists (ACLs) are used within a router for(More)
The use of packet filters has increased considerably due to the growth of Internet users and network services. A number of header fields must be examined by the filter, causing delay for each packet processed. The problem is compounded when considering multiple filters across a network. To maximize network performance, it would be desirable to minimize the(More)
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