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A case of McArdle's disease in a man is described in detail and a less complete study of his family is reported. This patient showed the classical features of McArdle's disease and the diagnosis was confirmed by muscle biopsy. Unlike other reported cases of this disorder, this case showed a normal rise in blood lactate levels on ischaemic exercise. This(More)
Stereotactic core needle biopsies (SCNBs) are accurate and relatively convenient for the patient; however, the long-term follow-up of benign results has not been reported. All patients between 1993 and 1998 undergoing SCNB at a community-based hospital were entered into a registry. Follow-up was obtained by a retrospective analysis of the charts. Biopsies(More)
A case report of a patient with agranulocytosis associated with sulphasalazine therapy is described. Recovery followed supportive therapy and withdrawal of the drug. Investigations including tests for leucocyte antibodies, the presence of which might have suggested an immunological cause for the drug reaction, were negative; an acetylation study, however,(More)
"Deleading" the homes of children with lead poisoning is a necessary step to terminate the child's exposure to lead. Lead poisoning as a result of lead exposure during the process of deleading has occurred in deleading workers but has not been well documented among children whose homes are deleaded. We treated four children with classes I through III lead(More)
Twenty out of 365 patients (5.5 per cent) with acute spinal cord injuries referred to a spinal ward over a 91/2-year period bled from the gastrointestinal tract. A cause of the haemorrhage was found in 15 patients. Six patients were endoscoped. Most patients had gastroduodenal ulceration but we could not be certain whether this was due to stress or peptic(More)
The progress in pregnancy of a female with myophosphorylase deficiency (McArdle's disease) is described. In spite of the increased muscular effort expended, both pregnancy and labour were normal and the muscle symptoms unchanged, suggesting that compensatory mechanisms might have operated. These possible mechanisms are discussed. Women suffering from the(More)
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According to the International Labour Organisation, 75% of Syrian refugees are struggling to meet their food needs or pay for medical care. This is where aid agencies step in. In neighbouring Lebanon, senior nurse Norma Kebbe works for the international Catholic charity Caritas’ Saint Michel Medical Centre in the Beirut suburb of Sid El Bauchrieh. The(More)