Paul Clements

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Automotive manufacturing ranks among the most extreme instances of systems and software product line engineering (PLE). The product family numbers in the millions, each product is highly complex in its own right, and the variation across products is literally astronomical in scale. This paper explores the aspects that make the domain extreme and the very(More)
This paper tells the story of the AEGIS Weapon System product line and how it evolved from a series of standalone software programs with no sharing into a true systems and software product line. The paper focuses on the strong internal and external <i>governance</i> of the product line. The need for strong governance is brought about by the strong role that(More)
Product lines that use automated tools to configure shared assets (e.g., software or requirements or test cases or user documentation) based on product descriptions have long been known to bring about substantial development cost avoidance when compared to clone-and-own or product-specific development techniques. Now, however, it can be shown that the cost(More)
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