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The concept of the combinatorial matrix of an unrestricted code and the notion of anr-partition design admitted by a code are introduced and discussed in detail. The theory includes a characterization of completely regular codes, and a combinatorial interpretation of the fact that the distinct rows of the distance distribution matrix of a code are linearly(More)
Various algorithms connected with the computation of the minimal polynomial of a square n×n matrix over a field k are presented here. The complexity of the first algorithm, where the complete factorization of the characteristic polynomial is needed, is O( √ nn). It produces the minimal polynomial and all characteristic subspaces of a matrix of size n.(More)
We extend the notions of correlation-immune functions and resilient functions to functions over any finite alphabet. A previous result due to Gopalakrishnan and Stinson is generalized as we give an orthogonal array characterization, a Fourier transform and a matrix characterization for correlation-immune and resilient functions over any finite alphabet(More)