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A social structural reinterpretation of ‘the burden of acting White’: a hermeneutical analysis
This essay explores how social psychologically the social structure of capitalist inequality has given rise to the Black–White achievement gap. This critical understanding is a reinterpretation ofExpand
Postindustrial Capitalism, Social Class Language Games, and Black Underachievement in the United States and United Kingdom
Against Ogbu's oppositional culture hypothesis, this article offers a class or structural/relational framework to contextualizing and understanding why it is that Blacks have more limited skills inExpand
The Death of Imhotep: A Hermeneutical Framework for Understanding the Lack of Black Males in STEM Fields
In Afrocentric circles in the United States, ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) scientist Imhotep is considered the Black father of medicine. In this article, I use his name in the title as an allusion toExpand
Role Conflict and Black Underachievement.
Examining the social attitudes and practical consciousness of young black American youth through an analysis of the 1999 rap song, Bling bling, by the Hot Boyz, in this work, I review theExpand
The sociolinguistic nature of black academic failure in capitalist education: a reevaluation of ‘language in the inner city’ and its social function, ‘acting white’
Studies on the acting white hypothesis—the premise that black students purposefully do poorly in school and on standardized tests because of racialized peer pressure—to explain the black–whiteExpand
The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism; and the Vodou Ethic and the Spirit of Communism
This work explores and highlights how the African religion of Vodou and its ethic (i.e. syncretism, materialism, holism, communalism) gave rise to the Haitian spirit of communism in the provinces,Expand
Education in Globalization
Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Post-Industrial Pedagogy in America, The Hegemony of Globalization or the Contemporary World-System Chapter 3 The Sociolinguistic Nature of Black Academic Failure inExpand
The anti-dialectical signification of Erzulie Danthor and Bois Caiman of the Haitian Revolution
Abstract This work focuses on how and why the purposive-rationality of the originating moments of the Haitian Revolution at Bois Caiman is an anti-dialectical, as opposed to a dialectical, movementExpand
The Academic Achievement Gap of Black American StudentsVis-à-vis Whites and Asians
The black-white test score gap is an empirical problematic that dates back to the 1940s. In many standardized tests the mean scores of black students on average are typically at least 1 standardExpand