Paul C. van de Meeberg

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OBJECTIVE The introduction of anti tumour necrosis factor-α (anti-TNFα) therapy might impact healthcare expenditures, but there are limited data regarding the costs of inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) following the introduction of these drugs. We aimed to assess the healthcare costs and productivity losses in a large cohort of IBD patients. DESIGN(More)
BACKGROUND With the increasing use of anti-TNF therapy in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), a shift of costs has been observed with medication costs replacing hospitalization and surgery as major cost driver. We aimed to explore the evolution of IBD-related costs over two years of follow-up. METHODS AND FINDINGS In total 1,307 Crohn's disease (CD)(More)
BACKGROUND AND STUDY AIMS Conventional reporting of polyps is often incomplete. We tested the Polyp Manager (PM), a new software application permitting the endoscopist to document polyps in real time during colonoscopy. We studied completeness of polyp descriptions, user-friendliness and the potential time benefit. PATIENTS AND METHODS In two Dutch(More)
INTRODUCTION Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG) is considered to be an effective procedure for patients with morbid obesity. Belching is frequently reported after this procedure, but it has not been well studied in the bariatric population. This study aims to assess the changes in belching before and after sleeve gastrectomy, as measured with impedance(More)
BACKGROUND The adjustable gastric band is an effective surgical treatment to induce weight loss in patients with morbid obesity. We aimed to assess the effects of band placement and stepwise adjustment on esophageal motility, using high-resolution manometry (HRM). METHODS Patients underwent esophageal HRM before and 6 weeks after gastric band placement.(More)
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