Paul C Vincent

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The simple sequence components of three human classical satellite DNAs have been defined, and some segments of each satellite have been sequenced. Each of the classical satellites I, II and III was found to contain, as a major component, a single family of simple repeated sequences. The three simple-sequence families have been called satellites 1, 2 and 3,(More)
Hypermethylation in cancer often occurs in CpG islands that span the promoter regions of tumor suppressor genes. However, it is not clear if hypermethylation is limited to single target genes or if multiple genes are simultaneously methylated. To understand the extent of aberrant de novo methylation, we have analyzed the methylation pattern of a number of(More)
A portion of human satellite I DNA is digested by HinfI into three fragments of 775, 875 and 820bp in length which form a tandemly repeated unit 2.47kb in length, specific to male DNA. One Alu family member per repeat is found within the relatively G+C rich 775bp fragment. The 875 and 820bp fragments are highly A+T rich and consist of long stretches of poly(More)
Twenty bladder biopsies from patients with primary transitional cell carcinoma were inoculated into nude mice. To date, eleven of these have grown as primary implants and three serially transplantable xenograft lines (UCRU-BL-12, UCRU-BL-13, UCRU-BL-14) have been established. The histological and ultrastructural features of human transitional cell carcinoma(More)
The retinoblastoma gene (Rb) is one of the best characterized tumor suppressor genes, and its inactivation is associated with a number of cancers. Previous studies have shown, by restriction enzyme analysis, that the promoter region of the Rb gene is methylated in a significant proportion of primary retinoblastoma tumors. We now report the first detailed(More)
A single-institution, randomised pilot trial was conducted to compare the clinical efficacy, microbiological efficacy and possible toxicity of empirical single daily antibiotic administration in febrile neutropenic patients with haematologic disorders (absolute neutrophil count < 1 x 10(9)/l). Upon the development of signs of sepsis, patients received(More)
Mylabris, the dried body of the Chinese blister beetle, has been used as a Chinese medicinal for over 2000 years. Its active constituent, cantharidin, has antitumor properties and causes leukocytosis. Norcantharidin (NCTD), the demethylated form of cantharidin, is easier to synthesize and is less toxic. NCTD irreversibly reduced the clonogenic efficiency of(More)
Culture of bone marrow and/or blood cells in a semisolid agar system from 43 adults with acute nonlymphoblastic leukemia at first presentation showed two distinct growth patterns at 14 days. In 53% of patients cells failed to grow (type O), while in the remainder an abnormal growth pattern (type B) with small numbers of diffuse colonies and excessive(More)
Drug-induced agranulocytosis is relatively rare. It is a heterogeneous disorder in pathogenetic terms, not surprisingly in view of its idosyncratic nature. Indeed, one drug might cause agranulocytosis by different mechanisms in different patients. Recent investigations suggest that there are at least three mechanisms by which it can be produced, namely(More)