Paul C Painter

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Deep eutectic solvents, considered ionic liquid (IL) analogues, show promise for many material science and engineering applications over typical ILs because they are readily available and relatively inexpensive. Atomistic molecular dynamics simulations have been performed over a range of temperatures on one eutectic mixture, 1:2 choline chloride/urea, using(More)
Previous work in this laboratory has shown that bitumen and oil can be readily separated from sand, using ionic liquids at ambient temperatures. To probe the mechanism underlying the relative ease of separation, atomic force microscopy (AFM) has been used to study interaction forces and adhesion between bitumen surfaces and a silica probe in the presence of(More)
In the preceding studies in this series, generalized two-dimensional (2D) infrared correlation spectroscopy has been applied to the study of polymer blends with relatively weak intermolecular interactions. In this paper, a miscible system with strong intermolecular interactions, hydrogen-bonded blends of poly(4-vinyl phenol) (PVPh) and poly(methyl(More)
Carbohydrates exhibit either van der Waals and ionic interactions or strong hydrogen bonding interactions. The prominence and large number of hydrogen bonds results in major contributions to phase behavior. A thermodynamic framework that accounts for hydrogen bonding interactions is therefore necessary. We have developed an extension of the thermodynamic(More)