Paul C. Nichols

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Male nuptial colour hues are important for the maintenance of reproductive isolation among cichlid fish species, and environmental changes that lead to narrower light spectra can lead to hybridization. However, cichlid species can naturally co-occur in narrow light spectrum habitats, such as turbid shallow lakes and the deep benthic zones of African rift(More)
Theory proposes that genomic admixture between formerly reproductively isolated populations can generate phenotypic novelty for selection to act upon. Secondary contact may therefore be a significant promoter of phenotypic novelty that allows species to overcome environmental challenges and adapt to novel environments, including during adaptive radiation.(More)
A major challenge in network ecology is to describe the full-range of species interactions in a community to create highly-resolved food-webs. We developed a molecular approach based on DNA full barcoding and mini-barcoding to describe difficult to observe plant-leaf miner-parasitoid interactions, consisting of animals commonly regarded as agricultural(More)
  • Khalid I Hariri, Paul Nichols, +5 authors Salah M Kedidi
  • 2003
The judgements expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of the cooperating governments and organizations. Any outlines or descriptions presented do not imply the expression of any opinion on the part of PERSGA or any funding agency concerning the legal boundaries of any state, territory, city limit, frontier or boundary. Programme has also prepared a(More)
Stream-like data sources, such as a collection of RSS feeds, can be challenging to summarize as the corpus is ever growing and the nature of the data evolves over time. This project implements a web application for managing RSS feeds that addresses this challenge. LDA topic modeling is performed at daily intervals and linkages between learned topics from(More)
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