Paul C McLean

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AIMS Despite their potential advantages, many of the pharmacological interventions available to treat substance misuse are controversial and their acceptability within the United Kingdom (and other countries) has only recently begun to be investigated. DESIGN A questionnaire mailed to British National Health Service (NHS) alcohol and drug treatment(More)
Twenty opiate dependents receiving long-term prescriptions of oral methadone, were identified as being habitual abusers of the anti-emetic drug cyclizine. A semi-structured interview elicited the dosage of cyclizine used, its effects, the reasons for starting and persisting with abuse of cyclizine and the attitudes of the patients to it. Cyclizine was taken(More)
Methadone mixture DTF (1mg in 1ml) is a safe non-injectable alternative to methadone tablets (5mg). It also allows for a more gradual detoxification from opiate dependence. For these reasons it was decided to 'rationalise' our prescribing so that methadone in mixture form only would be dispensed. At the beginning of 1989, 66 opiate-dependent patients were(More)
The present study was designed to assess the acceptability and availability of harm-reduction interventions, including needle exchange, education regarding safer drug-ingestion methods, complementary/alternative therapies, and safe places where problem drinkers and drug takers may stay after consumption or may consume substances on the premises. We surveyed(More)
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