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There are inevitable variations in the signature patterns written by the same person. The variations can occur in the shape or in the relative positions of the characteristic features. In this paper, two methods are proposed to track the variations. Given the set of training signature samples, the ÿrst method measures the positional variations of the(More)
Boundary detection in MR image with brain tumor is an important image processing technique applied in Radiology for 3D reconstruction. The non-homogeneities density tissue of the brain with tumor can result in achieving the inaccurate location in any boundary detection algorithms. Recently, some studies using the contour deformable model with regional base(More)
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This paper describes a system for the recognition of legal amounts on bank checks written in the Chinese language. It consists of subsystems that perform preprocessing, segmentation, and recognition of the legal amount. In each step of the segmentation and recognition phases, a list of possible choices are obtained. An approach is adopted whereby a large(More)
In Handwritten signatures analyzed for forgery have to undergo feature extraction process, due to varied samples in size rotation and intra-domain changes, invariance has to be achieved during feature extraction process; circular Hidden Markov Model with discrete radon transform approach of feature extraction provides invariance. On other hand Scale(More)