Paul C. Davis

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Responses to the featured paper are provided by four authors who represent different elements of the simulation research community: industry, private research laboratory, and university. As is evident from the reactions given, these perspective provide both shared and distinct observations on model composability as an opportunity for research investment.
We discuss a generalization of Earley's algorithm to grammars licensing discontinuous constituents of the kind proposed by the so-called linearization approaches in Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar. We show how to replace the standard indexing on the string position by bitmasks that act as constraints over possible coverage bitvectors. This improves(More)
In this paper we present a hybrid recommendation system that combines ontological knowledge with content-extracted linguistic information, derived from pre-trained lexical graphs, in order to produce high quality, personalized recommendations. In the described approach, such recommendations are exemplified in an advertising scenario. We propose a(More)
Word alignments, the mappings between source and target language words for two languages, are a critical component of statistical machine translation. A long-standing issue in statistical machine translation is that the quality of word alignments does not correlate as well as would be expected with measures of translation quality. A number of recent papers(More)
Acknowledgements I have many people to thank. I am particularly grateful to my supervisor Fer-nando Quevedo for the physics he has taught me, for his continual encouragement and for his generosity of time and spirit in nurturing me in the world of science. On the subjects contained in this thesis I have learned many things from my collaborators Vijay(More)
Nonconcatenative constraints, such as the shuffle relation , are frequently employed in grammatical analyses of languages that have more flexible ordering of constituents than English. We show how it is possible to avoid searching the large space of permutations that results from a nondeterministic application of shuffle constraints. The results of our(More)
To assess the effectiveness of psychological interventions in keyworking sessions Target audience Drugs workers and clients of treatment services Circulation list See above Description This document describes the implementation of psychosocial interventions in drug treatment services Gateway/ROCR approval The NTA is a self-regulating agency in relation to(More)
Acknowledgments The authors would like to thank the Rockefeller Foundation for making this report possible. We also thank the William Penn Foundation, whose previous and ongoing support of NRDC has also contributed to the ideas presented in this report. We also acknowledge Shandor Szalay, Lia Mastropolo, and Rod Ritchie of AKRF, who provided technical(More)
The views expressed in this paper reflect the author's views and not those of any institution with which the author is affiliated. The author acknowledges faculty and staff members who worked on the MLTI evaluation. Executive Summary The Maine Learning Technology Initiative (MLTI) is a statewide program that provides wireless laptop computers to all(More)
In anticipation of a projected rise in demand for air transportation, NASA and the FAA are researching new air-traffic-management (ATM) concepts that fall under the paradigm known broadly as " free flight ". This paper documents the software development and engineering efforts in progress by Seagull Technology, to develop a free-flight simulation (FFSIM)(More)