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Software architecture has emerged as a foundational concept for the successful development of large, complex systems. Signs that the field is maturing to become an engineering discipline include textbooks on the subject; the work in repeatable design, exemplified by architectural styles and patterns; robust methods for evaluating software architectures;(More)
Software architecture is one of the most important tools for designing and understanding a system, whether that system is in preliminary design, active deployment, or maintenance. Scenarios are important tools for exercising an architecture in order to gain information about a system's fitness with respect to a set of desired quality attributes. This paper(More)
Software architects use a number of commonly-recognized " styles " to guide their design of system structures. Each of these is appropriate for some classes of problems, but none is suitable for all problems. How, then, does a software designer choose an architecture suitable for the problem at hand? Two kinds of information are required: (1) careful(More)
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