Paul C Belvedere

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The dental team that wishes to increase the use of posterior composite restorations will benefit greatly by the information and step-by-step techniques found in this article (Fig. 7A and B). Starting with a clean slate and analyzing the chemistries, the physical nature of resin-based composites, and the systems and devices available to use them most(More)
Many materials, methods, and techniques for the reinforcing of composites to bond a pontic onto abutment teeth have been tried and promoted. In this article, the author examines the use of fiber reinforcement in fixed bridges, describing the various steps performed by the dentist during the procedure.
Gloves have become a standard tool in dentistry due to infection control concerns. But the starch powder with which many of these gloves are coated may contaminate surfaces on contact, creating potential problems during adhesive procedures such as the placement of porcelain veneers. The authors studied the powder's effect on the strength of the shear bond(More)