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The oxygen consumption of an active tropical elasmobranch, the lemon shark (Negaprion brevirostris), was measured at different swimming speeds in an annular respirometer. The resulting power-performance curve had a slope of 0.36 which is similar to that of moderately active teleosts. The standard metabolic rate of this elasmobranch (95 ml O2.kg-1.h-1 was(More)
To ensure bearing reliability, it is traditional for compressor manufacturers to specify a minimum oil sump temperature difference above the saturated discharge temperature in a high-side compressor and suction temperature in a low-side compressor. This minimum oil sump temperature specification is, in essence, a surrogate measure of the minimum viscosity(More)
This paper addresses the generation and control of oil droplets in rolling piston type refrigerant compressors at speeds greater than 5000 RPM. This work is part of the development of a variable speed compressor which addresses the problem of critically low oil sump levels that can occur at these extreme speeds. This paper identifies the dominant mechanism(More)
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