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D17DT consists of the GnRH decapeptide linked to diphtheria toxoid. The aim of this pilot study was to assess the tolerance of D17DT and the production of anti-GnRH antibodies from two doses, 30 and 100 microg, in patients with locally advanced prostate cancer. Twelve patients with histologically proven prostate cancer in whom hormonal therapy was indicated(More)
3) Doubly Exponential Probability Density Fhzction: The calculation of $?(a, K,) where kh) = 4 exp (-1 x () is similar to the calculation of @ " (a, k,). ACKNOWLEDGMENT The authors wish to thank Dr. H. C. Hamaker and Dr. Mecklen-braucker for their helpful suggestions. The synthesis of minimum sensitivity networks, " IEEE Trans. Abslracf-Bounds on the sum of(More)
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