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Ten children with specific language impairment and 10 children with normal language development were asked to describe objects so that a listener could select them. Each trial targeted two out of a group of three toys. The targeted objects were identical or were similar in size or color. Children in the two groups did not differ in referential success,(More)
The objectives of this project are: 1. Evaluate the Direct Effects of Roads on River Hydrology and Aquatic Species 2. Evaluate the Indirect Effects of Roads on Water Quality and Aquatic Species from the recreation visitation roads make possible Hypothesis As road connectivity increases, habitat connectivity decreases because of the increase in the number of(More)
Findings of research into curb parking problems include accident data for Local, Collector and Major streets. Congestion effects are discussed. The need for curb parking along residential local streets is identified, together with means of limiting it. Recommended dimensions are given for residential garage sizes, door widths, and driveway aprons.
Accurate and timely place-based information from multiple sources is essential for making informed social protection decisions and rapid interventions. Developing solutions to the challenges presented by multi-disciplanary data integration provides a rationale, and mechanisms, to realize the broader goals of Linked Data. The Spatial Identifier Reference(More)
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