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An accurate modeling of human stance might be helpful in assessing postural deficit. The objective of this article is to validate a mathematical postural control model for quiet standing posture. The postural dynamics is modeled in the sagittal plane as an inverted pendulum with torque applied at the ankle joint. The torque control system is represented by(More)
The analysis of the simplest biped walking machine can provide much insight into dynamics and control of human gait. The problem, in the sagittal plane, consists to control the impulse force under the swing foot and the torque between the legs in order to reach a stable limit cycle. The main contribution of this paper concerns the hierarchical control based(More)
This paper presents a robust control strategy driving an actuated compass gait robot towards steady and periodic gaits. By robust we mean a large basin of attraction for the limit cycle. The originality lies in the generation of the swing leg reference angle and speed as a simple function of the supporting leg angle. Simulations and experimentation with a(More)
This paper reports the results of a series of tests conducted to evaluate the dynamic loads exerted by the Harrington rod on the vertebral bones during the correction of idiopathic scoliosis. Two types of Harrington rods were tested: the standard stepped rod and a modified threaded rod. The latter had a threaded end replacing the standard stepped end. The(More)
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