Paul Booth

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A majority of Web based information, facilities and services is unnecessarily inaccessible to people with certain disabilities, largely due to a lack of awareness of accessibility issues on the part of developers. This paper argues that currently available accessibility evaluation methods are unsatisfactory in the scope and presentation of their results.(More)
The aim of this paper is to present a requirement for assessing the quality of data and the development of efficient methods of valuing and exchanging data among Web Observatories. Using economic and business theory a range of concepts are explored which include a brief review of existing business structures related to the exchange of goods, data or(More)
Document généré automatiquement le 10 septembre 2015. La pagination ne correspond pas à la pagination de l'édition papier. Tous droits réservés Communication in the void and communication avoided: a case study of on-line language tea An eternal problem facing materials writers in all areas is making sure that instructions are completely transparent. Indeed,(More)
BACKGROUND The use of radio frequency identification (RFID) systems in healthcare is increasing, and concerns for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) pose one of the biggest obstacles for widespread adoption. Numerous studies have demonstrated that RFID systems can interfere with medical devices; however, the majority of past studies relied on(More)