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Researchers working on the automatic parallelization of programs have long known that too much parallelism can be even worse for performance than too little, because spawning a task to be run on another CPU incurs overheads. Autoparallelizing compilers have therefore long tried to use granularity analysis to ensure that they only spawn off computations(More)
With the release of the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs/Advisory Committee on Animal Feed Guidance Note for Supplementing Copper to Bovines it was noted that the current copper status of the national herd was not known. Liver samples were recovered from 510 cull cattle at a single abattoir across a period of three days. The samples(More)
We have developed a new pricing and scoring application for a large insurance company's car insurance products. The business logic of this application is entirely expressed in an OWL ontology and SWRL rules. The ontology and rules are not merely documentation or a specification of the application, they form the business logic of the application. In other(More)
Our project is concerned with the automatic parallelization of Mercury programs. Mercury is a purely-declarative logic programming language, this makes it easy to determine whether a set of computations may be performed in parallel with one-anther. However, the problem of how to determine which computations should be executed in parallel in order to make(More)
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