Paul Bogg

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Context: A common distributed intelligent system architecture is Multi Agent Systems (MASs). Creating systems with this architecture has been recently supported by Agent Oriented Software Engineering (AOSE) methodologies. But two questions remain: how do we determine the suitability of a MAS implementation for a particular problem? And can this be(More)
Problem Solving Methods (PSM) are abstract structures that describe specific reasoning processes employed to solve a set of similar problems and have proved very effective at enhancing reuse and extensibility in developing knowledge-based systems. We envisage that off-the-shelf PSMs can similarly assist in the development of agent-oriented solutions using(More)
Negotiation is typically the way in which real world multi-issue commercial contracts are resolved and signed. The automation of negotiation in the B2B context has the potential to revolutionise trade. Intelligent agents have been proposed as the software architecture for automating negotiation. Goals are important based on the notion from [4] that an agent(More)