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State of Infectious Diseases in the Netherlands, 2013 The measles outbreak in 2013 was the most striking infectious disease of that year. This is demonstrated in the State of Infectious Diseases in the Netherlands 2013, which provides insight into infectious disease trends in the Dutch population. Developments in other countries that are relevant for the(More)
BACKGROUND Viral interaction in which outbreaks of influenza and other common respiratory viruses might affect each other has been postulated by several short studies. Regarding longer time periods, influenza epidemics occasionally occur very early in the season, as during the 2009 pandemic. Whether early occurrence of influenza epidemics impacts outbreaks(More)
The Netherlands Early Warning Committee (NEWC) aims to identify infectious diseases causing a potential threat to Dutch public health. Threats are assessed and published as (information) alerts for public health experts. To identify threats from abroad, the NEWC screens 10 sources reporting disease outbreaks each week. To identify the sources essential for(More)
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