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This article presents an approach to providing very high-data-rate downstream Internet access by nomadic users within the current CDMA physical layer architecture. Means for considerably increasing throughput by optimizing packet data protocols and by other network and coding techniques are presented and supported by simulations and laboratory measurements.(More)
This article describes the design and best practices for macromobility management in EVDO, including mobility across EV-DO subnets and mobility across network that support different air interface technology (i.e., between 1x and EV-DO, or between different revisions of EVDO). In particular, the following three topics related to the EV-DO systems are(More)
The next revision of the R&TTE Directive, which represents the basic regulatory framework for wireless communication in Europe, is expected to be finalized in 2011. In particular, this new revision is expected to provide a novel framework for reconfigurable radio devices, for example building on Software Defined Radio features. Those devices may(More)
This paper documents the application requirements and basic design for a wireless sensor network for monitoring the marshes, swamps, bayous, and rivers of southwest Louisiana. An entomologist and an environmental scientist who are studying the southwest Louisiana region have provided the application specifications. This has resulted in two related sets of(More)
We report on a gamma-ray coincidence analysis using a mixed array of hyperpure germanium and cerium-doped lanthanum tri-bromide (LaBr3:Ce) scintillation detectors to study nuclear electromagnetic transition rates in the pico-to-nanosecond time regime in 33,34P and 33S following fusion-evaporation reactions between an 18O beam and an isotopically enriched(More)
Precision measurements of superallowed Fermi β-decay transitions, particularly for the lightest superallowed emitters ^{10}C and ^{14}O, set stringent limits on possible scalar current contributions to the weak interaction. In the present work, a discrepancy between recent measurements of the ^{10}C half-life is addressed through two high-precision(More)