Paul Belitz

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The field of n-dimensional sphere packings is elegant and mature in its mathematical development and characterization. However, it is still relatively limited in its practical applications, especially for n > 3. The present line of research intends to open up two broad new areas for profitable application of this powerful body of mathematical literature in(More)
Drug-eluting stents (DES), which release anti-proliferative drugs into the arterial wall in a controlled manner, have drastically reduced the rate of in-stent restenosis and revolutionized the treatment of atherosclerosis. However, late stent thrombosis remains a safety concern in DES, mainly due to delayed healing of the endothelial wound inflicted during(More)
Derivative-free algorithms are frequently required for the optimization of nonsmooth scalar functions in n dimensions resulting, for example, from physical experiments or from the statistical averaging of numerical simulations of chaotic systems such as turbulent flows. The core idea of all efficient algorithms for problems of this type is to keep function(More)
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