Paul Bartha

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  • Paul Bartha
  • 1993
A variant of Belnap's stit-semantics due to Horty and von Kutschera is used to develop a semantics of obligation. A partial completeness result is stated. The semantics is then used to discuss conditional obligation as well as two paradoxes of deontic logic. The paper argues for the importance of an analysis of agency for deontic logic.
One of the perennial challenges of ethical theory has been to provide an answer to a number of views that appear to undermine the importance of ethical questions. We may refer to such views collectively as " deflationary ethical theories. " These include theories, such as nihilism, according to which no action is better than any other, as well as(More)
The Principle of Indifference, which dictates that we ought to assign two outcomes equal probability in the absence of known reasons to do otherwise, is vulnerable to well-known objections. Nevertheless, the appeal of the principle, and of symmetry-based assignments of equal probability, persists. We show that, relative to a given class of symmetries(More)
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