Paul B. Wiegmann

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We show that conformal maps of simply connected domains with an analytic boundary to a unit disk have an intimate relation to the dispersionless 2D Toda integrable hierarchy. The maps are determined by a particular solution to the hierarchy singled out by the conditions known as “string equations”. The same hierarchy locally solves the 2D inverse potential(More)
The standard objects of quantum integrable systems are identified with elements of classical nonlinear integrable difference equations. The functional relation for commuting quantum transfer matrices of quantum integrable models is shown to coincide with classical Hirota’s bilinear difference equation. This equation is equivalent to the completely(More)
We study how the solution of the two-dimensional Dirichlet boundary problem for smooth simply connected domains depends upon variations of the data of the problem. We show that the Hadamard formula for the variation of the Dirichlet Green function under deformations of the domain reveals an integrable structure. The independent variables corresponding to(More)
We show that the semiclassical dynamics of an electronic droplet, confined in a plane in a quantizing inhomogeneous magnetic field in the regime where the electrostatic interaction is negligible, is similar to viscous (Saffman-Taylor) fingering on the interface between two fluids with different viscosities confined in a Hele-Shaw cell. Both phenomena are(More)
We develop a general method to compute correlation functions of fractional quantum Hall (FQH) states on a curved space. In a curved space, local transformation properties of FQH states are examined through local geometric variations, which are essentially governed by the gravitational anomaly. Furthermore, we show that the electromagnetic response of FQH(More)
A class of second order difference (discrete) operators with a partial algebraization of the spectrum is introduced. The eigenfuncions of the algebraized part of the spectrum are polinomials (discrete polinomials). Such difference operators can be constructed by means of Uq(sl2), the quantum deformation of the sl2 algebra. The roots of polinomials determine(More)
We argue that in addition to the Hall conductance and the nondissipative component of the viscous tensor, there exists a third independent transport coefficient, which is precisely quantized. It takes constant values along quantum Hall plateaus. We show that the new coefficient is the Chern number of a vector bundle over moduli space of surfaces of genus 2(More)
Fractal geometry of critical curves appearing in 2D critical systems is characterized by their harmonic measure. For systems described by conformal field theories with central charge c < or = 1, scaling exponents of the harmonic measure have been computed by Duplantier [Phys. Rev. Lett. 84, 1363 (2000)10.1103/PhysRevLett.84.1363] by relating the problem to(More)
We show that unstable fingering patterns of two-dimensional flows of viscous fluids with open boundary are described by a dispersionless limit of the Korteweg-de Vries hierarchy. In this framework, the fingering instability is linked to a known instability leading to regularized shock solutions for nonlinear waves, in dispersive media. The integrable(More)