Paul B Ravindran

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X-ray computer tomography (CT) has previously been reported as an evaluation tool for polymer gel (PAG) dosimeters. In this study, the imaging protocol of a Siemens Emotion X-ray CT scanner was optimized to evaluate PAGAT normoxic gel dosimeters. The scan parameters were optimized as 130 kV and 150 mA with a slice thickness of 3 mm for smaller fields and 5(More)
The purpose of this study was to assess the impact of asthma Self Management Training on the health status and resource use of patients with chronic asthma. The study consisted of a randomized control design of chronic asthmatic patients in a tertiary care center in India. The intervention group (153 patients) received four training sessions in addition to(More)
The prevalence of psychiatric morbidity in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis is significantly high. Depressive Neurosis is the commonest among them. The psychiatric morbidity is related to the duration of illness, the degree of incapacitation and the knowledge of sputum AFB positive status. More attention has to be paid to the psychiatric manifestations(More)
Medical physics plays an essential role in modern medicine. This is particularly evident in cancer care where medical physicists are involved in radiotherapy treatment planning and quality assurance as well as in imaging and radiation protection. Due to the large variety of tasks and interests, medical physics is often subdivided into specialties such as(More)
  • P Ravindran
  • Biomedical imaging and intervention journal
  • 2007
The desire to increase the precision in radiotherapy delivery has led to the development of advanced imaging systems such as amorphous silicon (a-Si)-based electronic portal imaging, and kV and MV cone beam CT. These are used prior to the delivery of radiation to visualise the organ to be treated and to ensure that the patient setup and treatment delivery(More)
It was the aim of this work to assess and track the workload, working conditions and professional recognition of radiation oncology medical physicists (ROMPs) in the Asia Pacific region over time. In this third survey since 2008, a structured questionnaire was mailed in 2014 to 22 senior medical physicists representing 23 countries. As in previous surveys(More)
This study explores the possibility of using a telecobalt unit for radiosurgery. A dosimetric study was performed for the narrow beam of Cobalt 60 (60Co) unit with circular radiation fields in diameters of 11, 17, 20, 27, 32, 35, 40, and 44 mm. Percentage depth dose and off-axis ratio were measured with ion chamber and radiographic film. The tissue air(More)