Paul B. Massell

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Probabilistic models of human decompression sickness (DCS) have been successful in describing DCS risk observed across a wide variety of N2-O2 dives but have failed to account for the observed DCS incidence in dives with high PO2 during decompression. Our most successful previous model, calibrated with 3,322 N2-O2 dives, predicts only 40% of the observed(More)
The problem of disseminating tabular data such that the amount of information provided satisfies the public need while protecting individually identifiable data is a problem in all governmental statistical agencies. The problem falls into the category of Statistical Disclosure Control and provides many difficult policy and technical challenges for these(More)
Protecting the confidentiality of survey respondent data is related to the notion of data user uncertainty in various ways. The source of uncertainty that is most frequently exploited by agencies in formulating protection rules for tabular data is the fact that there is often more than one respondent (e.g., a company) contributing to a given table cell(More)
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