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This experiment examines how emotion is perceived by using facial and vocal cues of a speaker. Three levels of facial affect were presented using a computer-generated face. Three levels of vocal affect were obtained by recording the voice of a male amateur actor who spoke a semantically neutral word in different simulated emotional states. These two(More)
With shorter hospital stays, patients arrive home sicker and consequently require specialized equipment and complex nursing procedures. To provide care efficiently to such patients, nurses need expert knowledge and skills. The specialty nurse is best prepared to managed complex cases in home care. The cost of specialty training is well worth the results:(More)
INTRODUCTION Using formal analysis to validate chip level connectivity is one of " The Top Five Formal Verification Applications " (Verification Horizons Oct 2012), and has been proven as the most efficient way to verify interconnects in complex Systems on Chips (SoCs) [3, 4, 5]. So, could formal analysis also be applied at the module level, even small(More)
New England is bracing for a snowstorm that could bring as much as two feet of snow in the next day or two. By the time you read this, we'll know a) whether the forecasters were correct and b) how well we hardy New Englanders were able to cope. I often joke that I'm going to encourage my children to be meteorologists because that's the one job where,(More)
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