Paul B. Anderson

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Post-market investigators at the United States Food and Drug Administration may need to review medical device software to assess its integrity. They have to do this with little or no prior knowledge of the software. Historically, the only way to perform such a review has been to manually search the code for potential sources of error --- a process that is(More)
BACKGROUND Next generation sequencing (NGS) is being widely used to identify genetic variants associated with human disease. Although the approach is cost effective, the underlying data is susceptible to many types of error. Importantly, since NGS technologies and protocols are rapidly evolving, with constantly changing steps ranging from sample preparation(More)
A double-blind cross-over trial was carried out to compare the effect of identical placebo with that of salbutamol inhalers used 30 min before inhalation of 100 microgram of beclomethasone dipropionate (B.D.P.) in 18 chronic asthmatics over two consecutive 4-week periods. The salbutamol and B.D.P. combination resulted in a significant improvement in the(More)
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