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OBJECTIVE To assess the relative risk of contact lens-associated ulcerative keratitis by lens type and related lens-wearing behavior. DESIGN Case-control study. SETTING/PARTICIPANTS Forty practice-based case patients with contact lens-associated ulcerative keratitis and 180 control patients matched to the case patients' dispensing practitioner and date(More)
An zwei Brutplätzen wildlebender Schleiereulen wurde erstmalig mit Video-Überwachungsanlagen und Infrarotlicht eine störungsfreie Beobachtung über Fernsehschirm „rund-um-die-Uhr“ durchgeführt und durch Magnetbandaufzeichnungen von Bild und Ton ergänzt. Die verschiedenen Lautäußerungen (insgesamt 18) konnten so in ihrem jeweiligen ethologischen Zusammenhang,(More)
A method is presented to correct positron emission tomography (PET) data for head motion during data acquisition. The method is based on simultaneous acquisition of PET data in list mode and monitoring of the patient's head movements with a motion tracking system. According to the measured head motion, the line of response (LOR) of each single detected PET(More)
PET systems using the acquisition control system version 2 (ACS2), e.g. the ECAT Exact HR PET scanner series, offer a rather restricted list-mode functionality. For instance, typical transfers of acquisition data consume a considerable amount of time. This represents a severe obstacle to the utilization of potential advantages of list-mode acquisition. In(More)
Previous controlled studies on contact lens-associated ulcerative keratitis were performed before the widespread use of disposable contact lenses. Therefore, a controlled study was undertaken to determine the relative risk of ulcerative keratitis among users of disposable soft contact lenses compared with the risk among users of other lens types. Forty-six(More)
The present studies on the fossil remains of the Urvogel (in London, Berlin, Eichstätt, Haarlem, Munich, and — in private hand — in Bavarian Pappenheim) and the theories concerning the origin of flight were reviewed and critically discussed on the data of the Proceedings of the InternationalArchaeopteryx Conference in Eichstätt 1984 (Hecht et al. 1985):(More)
Netherlands. J. Biogeography 11: 473--478. • RISTOW, D., C. WINK & M. WINK (1979): Site tenacity and pair bond of Eleonora's Falcon. IL Merill 20: 16--18. • R~svow, D., & M. WiNK (1985): Breeding success of Eleonora's Falcon and conservation management. ICBP Tech. Publ. 5 (ed. I. NEWTON & R. D. CHANCELLOR): 331--336. • RISTOW, D., M. WINK, C. WINK ~x~ H.(More)
The Proton Irradiation Facility (PIF) has been designed and constructed, in cooperation between Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) and European Space Agency (ESA), for terrestrial proton testing of components and materials for spacecraft. Emphasis has been given to generating realistic proton spectra encountered by space-flights at any potential orbit. The(More)
PANDA Grid is the present computing infrastructure of the PANDA@FAIR experiment, but concerted efforts are put into evolving it beyond that, into a complete and transparent solution for physics simulation, reconstruction and analysis, right at the fingertips of the physicist. Experiments with very high data acquisition rates like PANDA [1] could not be(More)
Observations in Suriname were showing that in toucans the length, the depth and the serration of the bill and the body size are adaptations for eating “stone fruits” (drupes, single-seeded larger berries, larger seed with aril). The gear ratio between the moment arms of the toucan's bill prevent forceful biting (fig.); as consequences, not only the toucans(More)