Paul Bédaride

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Simulation and modeling for performance prediction and profiling is essential for developing and maintaining HPC code that is expected to scale for next-generation exascale systems, and correctly modeling network behavior is essential for creating realistic simulations. In this article we describe an implementation of a flow-based hybrid network model that(More)
We present a system which combines logical inference with a semantic calculus producing normalised semantic representations that are robust to surface di erences which are irrelevant for entailment detection. We focus on the detection of entailment relations between sentence pairs involving noun/verb alternations and we show that the system correctly(More)
Proper modeling of collective communications is essential for understanding the behavior of medium-to-large scale parallel applications, and even minor deviations in implementation can adversely a ect the prediction of real-world performance. We propose a hybrid network model extending LogP based approaches to account for topology and contention in(More)
Although dependency parsers have become increasingly popular, little work has been done on how to associate dependency structures with deep semantic representations. In this paper, we propose a semantic calculus for dependency structures which can be used to construct deep semantic representations from joint syntactic and semantic dependency structures(More)
This article presents experiments aiming at mapping the Lexique des Verbes du Français (Lexicon of French Verbs) to FRILEX, a Natural Language Processing (NLP) lexicon based on DICOVALENCE. The two resources (Lexicon of French Verbs and DICOVALENCE) were built by linguists, based on very different theories, which makes a direct mapping nearly impossible. We(More)