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Intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) is an exciting new advance in the practice of radiation oncology. It is the use of non-uniform radiation beams to achieve conformal dose distributions. As a result of the high initial capital costs and the time and complexity of planning, IMRT is not yet a widely available clinical treatment option. We describe(More)
The full Landau potential of a ferroelectric liquid crystal, doped with two different bent-core molecules at varying concentration, was determined experimentally. Using a multicurve fitting procedure, temperature and electric field dependent tilt angle and polarization measurements were analyzed according to the generalized Landau model of ferroelectric(More)
The full Landau potential was determined for a ferroelectric liquid crystal doped with varying concentrations of the chiral dopant R1011 and its enantiomer S1011. A multi-curve fitting procedure using temperature and electric field dependent tilt angle and polarization data was employed to the generalized Landau model of ferroelectric liquid crystals. From(More)
The full Landau potential of several, widely varying ferroelectric liquid-crystalline materials has been experimentally determined. Tilt angle and polarisation data is analysed across the SmA to SmC transition for varying applied electric-field amplitudes, allowing the determination of all the coefficients of the generalised Landau model of ferroelectric(More)
The interaction between a phase separated polymer network and a liquid crystal was studied across the smectic-A* (Sm-A*) to smectic-C* (Sm-C*) phase transition of a polymer-stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal polymerized in the Sm-A* phase. Using precise measurements of the tilt angle and the spontaneous polarization as functions of the external(More)
A crumpled thin sheet generally exhibits numerous defects each of which store energy. When subjected to a constant compressive force the height of the crumple decreases logarithmically with time in a process of long-term stress relaxation, which scales over several orders of magnitude-i.e., over time periods from seconds to weeks. We have investigated this(More)
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