Paul Aplin

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—There is great potential for the development of remote sensing methods that integrate and exploit both multispec-tral and multitemporal information. This paper presents a new image processing method: Spectral–Temporal Analysis by Response Surface (STARS), which synthesizes the full information content of a multitemporal–multispectral remote sensing image(More)
This paper describes the basis functioning and implementation of a computer-aided Bayesian Network (BN) method that is able to incorporate experts' knowledge for the benefit of remote sensing applications and other raster data analyses: Bayesian Network for Raster Data (BayNeRD). Using a case study of soybean mapping in Mato Grosso State, Brazil, BayNeRD(More)
Detailed land cover information is valuable for mapping complex urban environments. Recent enhancements to satellite sensor technology promise fit-for-purpose data, particularly when processed using contemporary classification approaches. We evaluate this promise by comparing the influence of spatial resolution, spectral band set and classification approach(More)
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