Paul-André Meyer

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The main objective of this paper consists in discussing the concept of weak solutions of a certain type of backward stochastic differential equations. Using weak convergence in the Meyer–Zheng topology, we shall give a general existence result. The terminal condition À depends in functional form on a driving càdlàg process , and the coefficient depends on(More)
Doing " history of mathematics " about Probability Theory is an undertaking doomed to failure from the outset, hardly less absurd than doing history of physics from a mathematician's viewpoint, neglecting all of experimental physics. We can never say often enough, Probability Theory is first of all the art of calculating probabilities, for pleasure and for(More)
The Submicron Structures Laboratory at MIT develops techniques for fabricating surface structures with linewidths in the range from nanometers to micrometers, and uses these structures in a variety of research projects. These projects of the laboratory, which are described briefly below, fall into four major categories: development of submicron and(More)
A cephalometric investigation of the lateral plate of the pterygoïd process was conducted in the sagittal, frontal and axial plane. The aim of this study was to make linears observations on the pterygoïd process. A biostatistical method helped comparing the variations of the lateral pterygoïd plate in relation to the variations of the basi-cranium and the(More)
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